Fly Fishing Streamers Techniques

When it comes to fly fishing, there is nothing more exciting than the rush of hooking a big fish and coaxing him to your net.  Fly fishing allows you to match the insects that the fish are feeding on by choosing the right size and pattern of fly.  Dry flies are the most popular, and offer exciting fishing.  But fish are not always feeding on the surface.  As a matter of fact, trout feed 90% of the time underwater.  To go after the fish during those times, you need to go underwater.

There are a few options for underwater fly fishing.  Wet flies and nymphs mimic insect larvae, but are usually very small.  If you want to catch a big fish to put in your fly fishing creel, you need to attract them with a large fly fishing streamer.  Fly fishing streamers are large flashy flies that mimic minnows, frogs, mice, and other aquatic life.  The wooly bugger, for example, mimics the erratic swimming motions of a leach.  They come in different sizes and colors, with and without weights.

There are a few different fly fishing streamers techniques that you will need to be aware of.  Because streamers are larger and can have a lot of weights, they will be difficult to cast like a regular dry fly.  You will need to get creative.  A sling shot motion works well for the heavy streamers, just don’t pop it too hard or you’ll lose your fly.

Once the streamer is out in the water, you will need to retrieve it.  These flies are meant to be stripped in, not drifted through a hole.  Try out a few different speeds, and experiment with different motions.  Big fish like a big meal, so get ready for a fight!  Good luck trying out some new streamer techniques.

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