Fittings for Plumbing Systems: Tips from Atlanta Plumbers

In plumbing, fittings are generally used to attach straight pipes or tubing sections to conform to the different pipe shapes and sizes. In addition to that, they function to regulate the water flow. While a number of specialized fittings are available in the market, majority are widely used in piping systems of homes and building structures.
Different types of fittings are also made especially for distinctive purposes. The Elbow fitting for instance, connects two lengths of tube or pipe that allows for a change in direction. The ends of this type are machined either for threading or butt welding. When two ends of the elbow differ in size, the fitting is called a reducer elbow.

Most fittings of this kind come in short or long radius types. The long radius elbows have a center-to-end distance 1.5 times longer than the NPS in inches, while the short radius is of the same size with the NPS.
Another type of plumbing fitting is the Tee, which is used to either combine or split a fluid flow. The most common Tee fittings are those with the same outlet and inlet sizes; however, ‘reducing’ tees are also available. This fitting is also among the three main constituents of a T-Line, together with an end-cap or a fillport and the pipe.
Meanwhile, the Cross is a tube fitting that has three inlets and one outlet, or vice versa. These are commonly used in fire sprinkler systems due to their high cost.

Other types of fittings also include the Cap, a gas or liquid tight fitting that covers the end of a tube. Another is called the Plug, which functions same with the cap but fits within the fitting it is connected to. The Nipple, on the other hand, is a short stub of tube typically used for hoses, while the Barb is primarily used to attach hoses to pipes.
Getting acquainted with the varying types of pipe fittings is critical to ensure that you will acquire the appropriate type of fitting that is applicable to the piping connection that you need to attach.

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