First Step In Choosing A GPS For Geocaching

No GPS manufacturer can claim to have the best GPS for geocaching. Well, I guess they could advertise that they have the top notch geocaching unit, but really there is no one GPS system that could be singled out as the one best equipped to hunt down caches.

Geocachers are no different than the population as a whole, we’re individuals with unique ideas about what will work for us.

One person may fancy geocaching in the city, and really want just a car mounted GPS, while other more “hardcore” geocachers will require a durable, waterproof handheld GPS unit that they carry through the woods, brush, mountainous, and desert terrains.

Geocaching is fun and exciting for people of all ages and physical fitness levels. Before you purchase a GPS unit to use in your geocaching adventures, decide where you’ll be doing most of your treasure hunting, city or backwoods. This will be your first step towards choosing the GPS that will be right for you.

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