Fighters Uncaged – Time to Kinect Your Punches

One of the newest games for Xbox 360 is Fighters Uncaged, which is one of the Kinect games. It is designed to use the Kinect to let players to participate in a battle by physically throwing punches and kicks. The Kinect will identify the body movement of the player and then interpret them into real fighting moves in the Kinect. The on-screen avatars, or fighters, react in very good 1:1 motion mirroring with a surprising level of granular control.

The Fighters Uncaged game setting is a secret competition that puts the greatest fighters in the world together to fight against each other using only their bodies and no weapons. To win the match, players must fight their way through 12 opponents who all have different fighting styles and use different fighting techniques. The tournament takes place in both the arena and in the street with the street fighting being the most interesting. There are 20 different places of combat, and all outdoor settings are subject to changing climate conditions.

The most complicated portion of the game seems to be the creation of combination fighting moves for combat. It seems that there are over 70 different fighting strikes, and they can be executed together in an almost infinite combination of different attacks. One of the most interesting features of the game is the opportunity to use combos using voice activation. With just a word, gamers can unleash very powerful strikes on their enemy.

Another important feature of the game is the ability to upgrade your fighter into a more dangerous fighter. This is done by completing activities that unlocked new and upgraded skills. Fighters Uncaged is not only meant for one person to enjoy. It also has a multiplayer feature that allows friends or family to join in and help to beat an opponent at any time during the game. Just be careful to have lots of space for all that swinging, kicking, and punching, especially playing with friends or family members!

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