Few Tips Regarding Bathroom Wall Shelves

A couple of important features that you must bear in mind while planning to include one or more number of wall shelves in your bathroom are their weight, available space and looks. Let’s examine these different features

Space – Assess the space that the shelves are going to provide. This helps you to know the size and weight of the items you can store in these. They should be installed at a comfortable height so that members of your family can conveniently reach them without having to use a stepladder or bending uncomfortably. You’ll also need to consider the vertical spacing between the shelves, lest they exceed the comfortable height you have in mind.

Weight – Weight is closely connected to size. Usually, the bigger items will be heavier too, with the probable exception of towels and rolls of toilet paper. That enables you to choose an appropriate material for bathroom wall shelving. You get certain floating wall shelves varieties of glass and wood that are rather too brittle for storage of heavier items. Though the metallic variety is stronger than the other two, it can cause an undue and unnecessary weight on the walls. As a matter of fact you should have a clear idea of the items you intend storing in these shelves to determine the material of their construction.

Looks – And, finally we come to aesthetics, the most important feature of any household accessory. Depending on the design of the bathroom you may have to examine the possibility of using different materials to get more homogeneous looks. Apart from the choice of materials that you get, you may be aware that all these materials are available in varied finishes and colors. You have to get a color that goes to compliment the color of your tiles whereas the texture and pattern of chosen material should add to the overall decor of your bathroom.

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