Fear of Public Speaking: Do You Have It?

The fear of speaking in public or in front of a large gathering of both familiar as well as unfamiliar faces is an extremely common type of SAD or Social Anxiety Disorder. It is so common to the point that many experts normally refer to it as the greatest anxiety there is as there are thousands or even millions of people who have this particular phobia. However, the fear of public speaking or also public speaking anxiety not only means that the person who is suffering from it is afraid of delivering a public speech. It can also mean that you suffer from stage fright or also you are scared of conversing with other people in a social setting.

This said fear typically hinders people from accomplishing or performing a lot of things that they very much wanted to do in their lives. If you are suffering from it, you are sure to manifest signs and symptoms which include shallow breathing, profuse sweating, light-headedness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, nausea, shaky voice, trembling and inability to speak. There are a handful of things which can cause this said fear or phobia. Social anxiety for one is being considered as one of its major causes. It can also be due to a past traumatic experience that the person has endured while delivering a public speech and so on. Up to this very day, there is still no feasible explanation with regards to why people experience this fear, but know this – it is possible for you to overcome fear of public speaking!

There are actually a lot of tips and tricks that one can use in order to conquer this troubling fear. First of, you need to be familiar with what exactly are the things that you are going to articulate or say, but this does not ultimately mean that you need to memorize your entire speech word for word. You can make use of note cards and jot down all your key points. Remember to write them down in a manner that makes sense to you, so, if you happen to freeze up or get lost for words while on stage, you can go over your note cards and simply pick up on the part where you left off.

Another thing is that, after you have organized and practiced the speech you are going to deliver – stop. Keep it away and just relax. Just go over it again on the day that you are tasked to deliver the speech. A lot of people tend to over practice and what this does is just feed their fears making it grow even more. Keep in mind that having slip ups while delivering your speech is just okay and that it can happen to almost anyone. If you do for example commit a little flaw, just smile about it and move on. As a matter of fact, many people find themselves more relaxed after committing an error and then simply laughing or smiling about it because at that certain point, they get that feeling that everything will be okay.

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