Eye Makeup Tips For Asian Women

Asian consists of a wide variety of cultures – Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Filipinos and so on. According to makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian, “No two Asian women and two Asian faces are alike.” Therefore, some Asian makeup tips work for one woman might not work for another. Asian women varies in skin tones, eye shapes and bone structures.

Here are some Asian makeup routine tips to help you look lovely, day or night.

  • Look for yellow based foundations and powders. Many Asian women believed that in order to counteract their natural skin tones, they should wear pink makeup shades. But this will only create an unnatural and outdated look. They won’t look more yellow if they use yellow based makeup products. Instead it produces a natural, flawless look which is beautiful and modern.
  • When deciding on what color and how to apply eye shadow, consider the amount of fold you have on the above eye lid. If you have a fair amount of fold, wear a flattering color during the day such as bronze and light colors. Apply it close to the lashes while more intense colors are well blended on top.
  • Dramatic colors like black, deep purple, and navy blue are boldly applied for night time only. Green eye shadow looks good with deep brown eyes. Avoid colors that are too pink in tone.
  • In particular, smoky color eye shadows look really nice with Asian women. Purple, lavender and pink are the best colors for smokey eyes while gray and charcoal are highly recommend on the upper eye lid only.
  • Then, apply a highlighter under your brows. On the inner half of the lid, use a light color shadow and a darker color on the other half. Use an eye makeup primer to keep the makeup in place because eyelid can become oily thus causing your makeup to smudge.
  • Finally, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to lengthen and enhance them.

Always be aware of what is flattering to your features and to your skin tone, and let your unique features dictate the makeup techniques you apply on yourself, even if it contradicts the “rules” above. Do what works best for you!

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