Exterior Painting: Keeping Your House Alive

“There is no place like home”. As the saying goes, it makes us realize how important our homes are in our lives. The house that was built years ago is now full of memories and love. Everything that never ends had started in this house. Don’t you think our homes deserve special attention to make them as beautiful as we dreamed they would be? With a makeover, our house will look new and beautiful all year long.

House paint color

Exterior Painting:

Making our houses beautiful and attractive will take us extra time, effort and money. Such are reasons for overlooking the state of our home, even when repainting is badly needed. Treating your house with an exterior painting is the best idea to keep your house lively as ever.

Hiring a Professional Painter:

An exquisite exterior painting requires a skillful professional painter. There are different types of painters and you should be wise enough to choose the right one that you need. The following should be considered when hiring a professional painter:

1.    An exterior painter should not just know what are the right tools but also the useful skills in completing your project. Hiring a contractor who is well-equipped and specializes in exterior painting can help you avoid spending money and wasting time.

2.    An exterior painter should be knowledgeable enough about the most detailed concerns such as rotting surfaces, visible cracks or falling objects. Problems could never be avoided and hiring someone who is capable in solving it works to your advantage.

Color Schemes for Your House:

Your aim to have a beautiful and attractive house would never be made possible without your imagination and good taste of color. Choosing for the best color that could suit your house can be time-consuming. To make it easier, you can incorporate some ideas from the most recommended colors by designers for exterior house paints.

There are 3 common color schemes that you can choose from:

•    Monochromatic Color Scheme:

It is the most chosen color scheme for interior and exterior home paint. It is a variation of light, medium and dark shades of a single color. You can consult the color wheel for combinations of colors that suit you best.

•    Complementary Color Scheme:

In a color wheel, these are colors which are opposite from each other like blue and orange, red and green. Choose one color to be painted at the base of your home and the complement color on the shutters or doors.

•    Analogous Color Scheme:

These are colors, which are related to each other such as tan, tan-brown and brown. It gives a balance and pleasing effect to the eyes. Such colors are located adjacent to each other in the color wheel, so they are easy to find.

With the right information in hand, you can plan your exterior house painting project in a very simple and effective way. While DIY is very popular, you should consider hiring a professional contractor for a gorgeous outcome.

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