Evolution, the Online Painting Estimate, and You

The evolution of the online painting estimate goes something like this.

Anyone who has finished their first year in middle school knows a thing or two about budgets. No longer cool to carry your lunch, you had to ask your parents for enough money to buy five days’ worth of lunches. There were also fees for art supplies and field trips, competitions and classroom photos. Wise parents handed you a twenty at the beginning of each week and told you to make it last.

Fast forward a few years, and if you’re a homeowner with a family, you now have a black belt in making a budget: food, clothing, bills, entertainments, and about once every five to six years, cans of paint to paint the exterior of your home.

In olden days, securing an estimate about how much it would cost to paint the outside of your home was a time-consuming process. Do your research, find a reputable exterior paint supplier, visit the store, explain your project, ask about paint—how much you’ll need, how much it will cost—have someone come to your home, if you’re lucky, and give you an estimate. By this time, it could be snowing, and there goes your painting project.

Fast forward to the birth of the online painting estimate and a better way of doing things.

Quick, effective and easy to use, CertaPro Painters online painting estimate website tool is available to everyone for free. The simple, fill-in-the-blank online request form walks you through a set of prompts that are easy to understand and fun to use. With the information you provide, the professionals can give you an estimate about how much it will cost to paint the exterior of your home.

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather some information. What style is your home? A ranch, a two-story, or a tri-level? When was the last time you painted your home’s exterior? Do you want to paint the entire exterior of your home, or just a wall or two? Are the walls clapboard, board and batten, or stucco? How many windows are there? How many doors? Are there overhangs, gutters, fascia, a portico, Tudor boards, a soffit or shutters? Is there a dormer or two in the attic?

Sounds like a lot of information, doesn’t it? But it’s not really as complicated as it seems. All you’ll need to complete the estimate is a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pencil.

Measure the outside of your home, all four sides. Even if you only want to paint a side or two, you’ll need to enter the measurements of the entire house to complete the estimate. Fill in the blanks when it asks you about number of windows and doors, overhangs and soffits, and the composition of your walls. It’s quick and easy to complete, and the great thing is, in a short time you’ll receive a reliable online painting estimate from the comfort of the cozy chair in front of your computer screen. Now, what could be more simple and fun than that?

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