End Your Flea Nightmares Today with Flea Bombs

Imagine this, at this very moment tiny parasites are attaching themselves to your bed, carpet, furniture and hatching eggs. Theses eggs will grow into blood sucking adult parasites who will feed on your blood, sometimes even dried blood. Sounds gruesome? Well, that’s where that persistent itch you experience originates from- Fleas! Described above is their modus operandi. Now the big question is how to get rid of them? Well, your best bet against these is the flea bombs.

Here’s a brief description on how it works

Designed in the form of a spray bottle, the flea bomb is set up in the centre of the affected room and set off. The vapors from this then permeate into the room in its entirety killing every flea or flea egg, upon contact. When used in conjunction with a flea spray to get to those hard to reach nooks and crannies, this flea exterminator duo become invincible.

When choosing a flea bomb, look for one containing the ingredient IGR that kills any flea from reaching reproductive stage. While using the flea bomb, it is best to take the following precautions as you are dealing with is a diffusion of harmful chemical vapors. Firstly, seal off all open containers, aquariums, cabinets and essentially anything left open which could come in contact with the vapors.

Next, move all your furniture away onto non-carpeted surfaces as they may hinder the reach of the bomb. Evacuate every living being from your house, including pets. This should be done for the time period mentioned in the instructions manual supplied along with the flea bomb. Set off the bomb in the centre of the room you wish to disinfect. On your return, make sure to let in fresh air in the house by opening windows, doors and also by switching on the fans. Launder all clothes, bed linen and other such items that were exposed to the vapors.

Although this process is painstaking,however, it is the easiest and the most affordable way to free your house of fleas. It also saves you from spending thousands on a professional who would probably end up giving you the same result. So what are you waiting for? Try flea bombs and put your flea nightmare to rest.

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