EdgeStar Mini Kegerator: A Beer Lover’s Delight

Have you ever experienced the nightmare of having to clear up a house full of empty beer cans lying in every possible corner after a huge night of party? Or have you ever worry about the safety of your love ones whenever they tell you they are driving home after a night of drinking at the local bar? Well, these problems can be solved easily with a mini kegerator. A mini kegerator is essentially a beer dispenser that comes with a pub styled tap that allows you to enjoy the same quality of fresh beer severed from a bar. You would be delighted to know that you can now serve your guest pints of fresh beer instead of canned ones which usually creates a huge mess after the party. Your love ones can also invite their friends over to your place instead of heading to the local bar religiously and spend tons of cash in these outlets.

Now you might be wonder how much this magical machine would cost you. In the market there are several cheap kegerator models and also expensive ones. But none is as cheap as the EdgeStar Mini Kegerator TBC50S. This unit is the cheapest in the market, manufactured by EdgeStar, a leading brand name for refrigeration systems. It is cost friendly by utilizing durable plastic and chrome parts to manufacture the unit. It comes with standard AC and DC power supply unit which allows you to bring the kegerator on to your RV or yacht to enjoy. Unlike most mini kegerators such as the Krups BeerTender mini kegerator series, which only dispense from Heineken kegs. The EdgeStar Mini Kegerator TBC50S can be upgraded by purchasing the optional upgrade kit. After modifying the CO2 system, you can now easily enjoy different brands of 5 liter kegs. Most mini kegerators would require you to change a new line after you replace a new keg but the EdgeStar TBC50S allows you to clean the lines instead of changing a new one.

It is therefore a wiser choice to purchase the EdgeStar Mini Kegerator TBC50S instead of any other mini kegerators in the market. It is the best mini kegerator in terms of price and versatility.

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