EdenPURE Infrared Heaters – The Best 3 Designs

Fighting off harsh and cold weather conditions can be tough if you don’t have a reliable and dependable heater.  Chances are pretty good if you come across with a household heater that promotes safe heating and topnotch heating performance, but is it utterly impossible to own an aesthetically pleasant and spectacular unit for a heater design?  The answer to this is no other than EdenPure.  Unlike the stringent formats of Crown and Dyna Glo heater designs, EdenPure has raised the notch higher with its innovative and dazzling line of residential heaters.

Think about how you’d like to see the heater inside your home.  EdenPure infrared heaters are likened to small portable fireplace units that evoke high style and elegant design atmosphere.  Here are some of the most outstanding units according to many Edenpure reviews.

Sun TWIN 1500 Quartz Heater

An EdenPure heater that doesn’t look like a heater at all, the Sun TWIN 1500 Quartz Heater is distinctively unique for its golden oak veneer cabinet design and solid oak trim spruced up with a clear lacquer finish.  The exterior built will not heat so as to harm pets or children.  Compared to most heater units from EdenPure, this model can drastically cut your energy bills. It comes with an electronic thermostat and is conveniently portable. Price: 450 USD.

EdenPURE GEN 4 Heater

If you want a more heavy-duty and durable design then the GEN 3 heater infrared heater A4136 is the best candidate.  Set in a modular designed galvanized steel and poly propylene shell, this infrared heater can heat the area up to 1000 square feet.  Price 300 USD.

EdenPURE GEN 4 Heater

The newest addition to the dashing product line of Edenpure, the GEN 4 heater is recently released this year.  It is well engineered so you can save money and heating bill.  Integrated with the newest heating feature called EdenFlow Direct Air Technology, this heater has an amplified heating performance as well as a drop-dead design.  Price:  360 USD.

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