Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Living Room

Among the most popular room decorating tips that I come across online is to add a rug to your room to fill it out with color. Since the floor is generally a neutral color, rugs can add a much needed color-splash to a room that is already full of pictures or posters. If you really want to be different, zebra print rugs are neutral black and white so they go well with just about any type of existing room.

If it’s your first time shopping for a rug, there are a few things you want to consider. Firstly, determine the size of the space you want to cover with your rug before you head to the store to start shopping for one. It’s easy to misjudge size just by eyeballing the size of the rug you’re looking at. Secondly, if you’re looking for a high quality rug that’s been assembled with care and by hand, try to go with what’s known as a hand-knotted fabric pattern. Many times machines take on the job of threading a rug together, but nothing ever quite matches the human touch when it comes to stitching. Lastly, make sure the rug uses all natural fibers. Natural fibers and stitching (wool and cotton) are much more durable than synthetic counterparts and will help keep your rug lasting for years to come.

Another interesting decorating tip that was suggested to me a few weeks ago was the addition of decorative wall panels. Wall panels may not seem like they do much for a room other than add the same effect as a picture, but if used creatively they can bring out the best out of any otherwise drab room. Once you’ve chosen your wall panels and have them ready to hang, start by determining the “major” walls in the room. That is, the walls that get seen the most often by guests. The back wall f the living room may not be as striking as the entrance wall. Choose 2 or 3 walls you want to use to hang the panels and get ready to hang.

The idea is that instead of putting the wall panels side by side like you would traditionally, you instead separate them across multiple walls so that the design carries itself through the room and isn’t just stuck in one location. Adding wall panels in new and interesting ways can really spruce up a room and make it feel a lot more eclectic and fun just by moving the panels around.

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