Dumbwaiters Can Do Wonders in Large Homes or Businesses

A good installation for any multi-storied home or office for easier transportation of materials is a dumbwaiter. These are really just small elevators that run up and down a home or business office. Many people are not even aware that they can still have these installed in their homes, and think of them as antiques found in older homes. However, in the recent years the price of dumbwaiters has decreased dramatically. This has created a wonderful investment for many homeowners and owners of different types of properties.

Some people may ask: What is the purpose of having dumbwaiter installed in their home or business? The answer is very simple. They create an easier way of transporting various items up and down floors. Items can vary from laundry, groceries, firewood, and many other tangible goods or objects. It really beats running up and down stairs, and for people that suffer from limited mobility it really creates a safe environment in their home.

Dumbwaiters can be purchased from a variety of different stores. They are easy to find on online stores that cater to those with mobility problems. For instance, many people are able to buy from Ameriglide, which has several different items to make life easier for people with limited mobility.

These miniature elevators can be installed nearly anywhere in a home or business. Some areas are going to be better than others. A closet for instance offers the possibility of the dumbwaiter having two openings. The owner may also decide to have it run from the basement to make sure supplies can be brought up from there. Two very common areas, to have the dumbwaiter pass through, are the kitchen and laundry.

There are several different models available to choose from. Each one is designed with a particular carrying load in mind. If the owner has a specific idea what they want to use the dumbwaiter for, it will make choosing between models easier.

Residential dumbwaiters are smaller models. They can lift between 50 to 400 pounds. It is recommended to get one that can carry at least 100 pounds to prevent from carrying too much weight without realizing. Commercial models normally will carry over 500 pounds. These are also normally bigger in size to fit loads inside.

There is also the option of choosing between manual and electric models. Most newer models being installed are electric. These only require pushing a button to make the dumbwaiter travel floors. Manual models are cheaper, and they will run on a pulley that the operator will pull. This type is not recommended for someone with a mobility issue.

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