Drummers: How The Pearl Eliminator and the Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal Can Improve Your Bass Drum Technique

Many drummers do not realize how critical it can be to have a good functioning bass drum pedal as part of your bass drum and drumming arsenal. Settling for a drum pedal which is old and rusty can only do you for so long, because as your drumming skills improve, you will to have equipment which can keep up with your speed and reflect your skill on the drum kit.

Out of all the drum pedals that I have played, I would say the Pearl Bass Drum Pedals are probably the best. In general, pearl drum pedals offer the most customizable features, including interchangeable cam assemblies, and different springs which you can switch in and out, and pearl drum pedals generally have faster action than other bass drum pedals. I have tried gibraltar drum pedals, I have tried Yamaha drum pedals, I have tried Tama drum pedals, but at this point I prefer Pearl drum pedals such as the Pearl Eliminator and Pearl Demon Drive.

The Pearl Eliminator is probably the most popular drum pedal on the planet right now, and for good reason because it offers a range of features which aren’t available with most other drum pedals. Some of these features are changeable cams, which allow you to customize the feel of the drum pedal to your needs. So, if you need a harder attack for rock drumming, or more finesse for jazz drumming, then the Pearl Eliminator drum pedal is great for you because it comes with all of the cams that you will need and allows you to easily switch between these two, and more, functions.

One of the up-and-coming Pearl Drum Pedals right now is the Pearl Demon Drive. The Pearl Demon Drive is a revolutionary pedal which uses metal-on-metal action to provide you with the smoothest possible driving action possible as you play the bass drum. You would think that this pedal would only be good for metal drummers, because it is extremely fast, but it actually works great for all types of drumming, and it has a remarkable amount of control. The Pearl Demon Drive pedal also comes with a bunch of different cams that you can change between, and is available as either a single or double bass drum pedal, however the Pearl Demon Drive double pedal is definitely the more popular of the two, because it features the zero-latency joints which metal drummers love so much.

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