Dreams and Votive Candles

The lighted votive candle is very symbolic as well as mystical by nature and its flames may literally represent the light of the world that protects people from the evils of darkness. However, its spiritual effects transcend reason and imagination making people unable to comprehend much less explain what it is. Candles are used in ceremonies in every religion—Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism including the new age religion called Metaphysics. This new religion also makes use of candles in performing the so-called candle magic which takes the form of a spell in ritual form that anyone can actually perform.

The kind of candle with a specific color is very important in this ritual. The unscented candle must also be new and it should be a short taper candle or a votive candle. The choice of color must be in accordance with what you wish to work on.

• BLACK – Negativity and banishment
• BROWN – Earth-related or animal-related purposes
• RED – Courage and health
• PINK – Friendship
• ORANGE – Attraction and encouragement
• YELLOW – Persuasion and protection
• LIGHT BLUE – Health, patience and understanding
• DARK BLUE – Depression and vulnerability
• GREEN – Financial gain and abundance
• PURPLE – Ambition and power
• WHITE – Purity and truth
• GOLD – Business endeavors, solar connections
• SILVER – Reflection, intuition, lunar connections

Determine what you would like to work on and then write it on a piece of paper with the same color as the candle, then fold it at the same time concentrating on what you have written. Say your wishes several times in the form of a chant before allowing the piece of paper to burn completely. Wait until the candle has burned completely. DO NOT BLOW the flames off. Use a candle snuffer if you will need to extinguish it. For safety reasons, light your votive candles and place them in a proper votive candle holder. Whatever it is that you are working on, think about it as you go to sleep and you may find the enlightenment in the form of your dreams.

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