Drawbacks of Mini Refrigerators

Portable refrigerators, cheap refridgerators, compact fridges – but otherwise known as mini refrigerators – are tremendously popular in the modern world today. Convenience and portability make mini fridges highly accessible to outdoor enthusiasts and temporary boarders.  But even though mini refrigerators may come in handy and useful at times, the downsized refrigerator design has its compromises too.

Limited Storage Capacity

The downsized design of the mini refrigerator (which is intended for its portability feature) compromises the storage capacity.  Standard refrigerator models can store more or less 21 cu. ft. for a storage capacity but with a mini fridge, you can only have a range of 1.7 to 7 cu. ft. for the total usable capacity.  If you are living alone, with limited storage requirements, then the design is going to be beneficial but otherwise, the mini fridge is going to be inconvenient.

Freezerless Refrigerator

While it is true that there are mini refrigerators equipped with separate freezer compartments, most of the mini fridges available are freezerless and thus, categorized as all-refrigerators.  Freezerless mini refrigerators will make it harder for you to store frozen products like meat so if you intend to use the mini fridge that way, you may find the mini fridge impractical.  Choose a mini fridge-freezer instead, although it may come with a cost.

Simple Cooling Features

Even though the mini fridge is a much improved version of the picnic or travel cooler, it is still not as high-end as traditional upright refrigerator.  The defrost system is likely manual defrost, and you couldn’t possibly expect a mini refrigerator to have enhanced features, although some brands are starting to integrate much improved functions.

A mini refrigerator is worth the investment if you frequent going outdoors, or if you are living far away from the comforts of your home.  If you are serious in getting a cheap mini refrigerator Walmart and AJ Madison are the most popular places to jumpstart your search, with a price range of 50 to 90 USD at most.

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