Don’t Use Cheap Oil in Your Engine

The most important car maintenance task for the new car owners is to make sure there is enough oil in the engine. Oil is incredibly vital and even a simple understanding of what it does can help the new car to maintain their vehicle correctly. Of course, looking after the oil system is just one aspect of car maintenance, but it’s s critical one. It’s important to always use a quality oil.

The most important job of motor oil is to protect moving metal parts within the engine. It does this by lubricating them. Lubrication means applying a coating of (in this case oil) to the metal surfaces so a) they do not rub against each other and therefore damage each other and b) they move more freely because there is less frictions. It also has the additional benefit of stopping them from getting too hot.

Cooling is the next important job. Through contact with the metal excess heat is transferred to the oil. Then as the oil is recirculated it can be cooled in the oil pan before being heated again on it’s next trip around the engine.

Eventually you will have to change oil. Overtime it becomes contaminated. This is by design, it is made to trap debris to stop it damaging the engine but as it becomes more contaminated the oil pump has to work harder to maintain pressure as it pushes the oil through the filter. On top of this the chemical additives get used up. When you do choose a new motor oil to replace the old one make sure it is of the correct grade as recommended by the car’s maker and that it is approved by the America Petroleum Institute. Saving money by using inferior oil is a false economy; a cheap oil change like this will cost you a lot more in the long run. Better to stick with quality oil for only a few dollars more.

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