Discover Corelle Patterns

Each brand of dinnerware has its own distinct design patterns that become the brand’s signature design lines.  For instance, Sango dinnerware has Sango Avanti, Sango Nova, Sango Soho that are characterized with different styles and patterns.  The Gibson dinnerware patterns are more general which are categorized according to whiteware, banded and decorated.  But if there’s a brand that distinctively lays out its distinguishable and across-the-board patterns that it is probably the Corelle brand.

The pattern segments that are present in most Corelle dinnerware sets also become the signature style of the dishware collection itself.  You can choose a distinct pattern that best suits the current interior style and design of your kitchen so that you can create a harmony of elements inside your home.  There are four distinct Corelle patterns (or Corelle design lines) – Livingware (lightweight and versatile), Vive (modern glass dinnerware very cutting-edge in style), Impressions (lovely and timeless designs and patterns), Square (a collection of square-shaped dinner plates) and Contours (characterized by curvy lines and asymmetrical features).

From the brief description above, you could say that both traditional and contemporary designs and patterns are both covered by Corelle.  For instance, the Vive and Contours may be well considered as complementary to the modern setting while the Impressions line is more geared toward the traditional.  On the other hand, Livingware and Square design lines are more general in terms of artistic approach and can be flexible in between different interior styles.

To help you choose for the right Corelle pattern, then you have to know the predominant interior style that your kitchen or your house sports.  If you think that it’s more inclined with the elegance of the classic and the traditional, then explore Corelle Impressions.  For modern styled homes, check out Vive and Contours.  If you think that your style falls neither on two options, then you can always play safe with Corelle Livingware and Corelle Square.

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