Different Ways to Deal with Cat Urine

One of the disadvantages of taking care of pets, especially cats, is that you have to put up with those excruciating problems that concern pet urine stains and their lingering odor, particularly on your carpet, rugs and other interior furnishings.  The moment pet cat urine soaks into the carpet underlay then you have to put up with the stain, you also have to deal with the horrible strong odor that may last for a few years.  Even the usual washing cannot fully eradicate such terrible smell and this is probably the reason why you should have at least one cat urine odor remover or pet stain cleaning solution in your house.  It’s better to be ready up front, and when it comes to dealing with pet stain, the faster you act, the better the results.

However, if in such cases you cannot find a cat urine odor remover or a pet stain cleaning solution in your house, the best thing to do is to rely with a vinegar solution.  Vinegar is known to be repugnant to cats and it works well in neutralizing the pet urine stain and odor.  Cats mark their territory through the urine smell they left on the carpet or rug, and they may pee on the same time all over again so it’s very important that you can completely get rid of the smell.  Vinegar can help you there.  Try spraying a mixture of vinegar and water on the affected area and spot vac it so as to suck the entire spill.  You can also blot it with a paper towel or a cloth, especially if it’s still fresh.  It’s no good dealing with a dry urine stain  – it’s always bound to end up with a lingering  cat urine smell until you manage to find a pet  stain cleaning solution that really works against it.

Some people use baking soda but a lot of people already said that it isn’t as effective as the vinegar solution.  Trying out bleach or a carpet cleaning deodorizer does not completely remove the strong smell of pet cat urine either.  You can also try ammonia solution if you have one – it’s said to be as effective as vinegar in neutralizing the smell of the cat urine.

But nothing beats an enzyme based pet urine odor remover for your household cleaning needs.  This specific type of cleaning solution can break down the protein based urine stains of cats and can also neutralize the smell as well.  Many online stores as well as local retail pet stores sell this kind of cleaning solution, as this one is widely popular among the many types of pet urine removers.  For one thing, you can purchase one for at least 3 USD.

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