Different Refrigerator Types

There are many types of refrigerators sold now-a-days. You can buy the standard fridge-freezers or opt to buy stand alone units like freezers or freezerless refrigerators depending on your needs. Most households with a large family opt to have two refrigerators in their homes since the regular refrigerators are not enough to hold the amount of food they need, so they purchase a second refrigerator for their kitchen. For those who stock a lot of perishable items that needs freezing like meat and livestock, it is better to purchase a stand alone freezer. As for those who stock more on food items like fruits, vegetables and other produce, having a freezerless refrigerator would come very handy.

Freezerless refrigerators are best suited for those who need a large storage capacity for storing and chilling fresh and other items that do not require freezing. These food items need to be kept in a cold temperature but not so low as to make them frozen so a freezerless refrigerator would be the best storage for them. Aside from this obvious advantage, using a freezerless refrigerator has some more other benefits over traditional or standard refrigerators. For one, they occupy less space, considering that they are smaller in dimension than standard refrigerator with freezers. They also have superior cooling performance because they have continuous and consistent cooling functions and are energy efficient because they don’t have freezers which take up a lot of energy.

Different brands and companies offer different types and models of freezerless refrigerators, catering to the different needs and preferences of the consumers. Maytag refrigerators for example offer freezerless refrigerators that range from the full sized standard model to the more compact model. They also offer various wine cooler refrigerators which fall under the category of freezerless refrigerators since they not only store and chill wines and other beverages, but can also be used as food storage.

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