Delicious BBQ Chicken Recipes and Healthy Egg Salad Tips

Are you someone who loves chicken BBQ dishes but is already bored with your old style basic marinade BBQ chicken recipes? Then let this post help you on how to add more flavors into your favorite chicken BBQ dishes. For some basic marinade preparation, you can add more spices like garlic and ginger for an additional more flavor that will perfectly soothe into the chicken meat itself. You can also have a try with some Pakistani or Indian Chicken Tikka BBQ which is made with a blend of yogurt and some Indian spices like powdered chili and some turmeric to make a perfect spicy chicken BBQ taste. You can also try for chicken BBQ recipes from Thailand and Korea for more other mouthwatering chicken BBQ variety. Online tutorials will also help you to get more visual delicious tips as well if you wanted to learn more helpful chicken BBQ ideas.


And if you also love to make more interesting recipe for your ever favorite egg salad recipe, then let some of this few tips help you prepare more tasteful egg salad dishes.


Traditional Egg Salad Recipe

You will prepare this egg salad using one head of lettuce and slice into small bits which is perfect for a six hard boiled eggs. You need to arrange sliced of boiled eggs and thin onions in one bowl, and a mixture of salt and pepper and a bit pf paprika into another separate bowl for seasoning. You also need to prepare two tablespoon of vinegar, a quarter cup of salad oil, one tablespoon of mined parsley, and a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce for a delicious egg salad dressing .


Egg Salad Recipe for Kids

Eggs as we all know are very nutritious foods that you can serve for your kids snack or lunch meal. Fore more ideal suggestions, you can also try adding more cheese to get a more creamier taste, or some vegetables that will add some crunchy taste feeling of pickles or avocado.


Egg Salad Sandwich

It is the most simple egg salad recipe that is a popular favorite with anybody. But you can add more twist to this recipe than just mixing the boiled eggs and mayonnaise – try to oven toast the bread and be amaze on how it will make another delicious change in your old style egg salad sandwich.

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