DC America 10×12 Gazebo

The sun can make a backyard or patio space exceedingly uncomfortable, preventing people from making good use of their yard. While many individuals have a patio awning outside of their back door, most other areas of the yard such as the garden or pool can severely lack in protection. Setting up a gazebo in those areas can dramatically increase the comfort and usability of your outdoor space.  Gazebos are composed of a metal frame with a top cover. They are generally lightweight, easy to setup and in many cases decorative. The key to successfully purchasing the right gazebo is to determine how much space you want to cover.

DC America makes a large gazebo that offers 200 square feet of protected space. It measures 10 feet on one side and 20 feet on the other, more than enough for several people to enjoy at one time. Tables and chairs can be easily set up underneath the canopy to create a personalized environment. Pool parties and cookouts become so much more enjoyable when you have a safe haven to enjoy with friends and family.

The DC America 10×12 Gazebo is crafted using heavy duty steel tubing. Four sturdy square beams act as the legs which support the decorative metal top cover support. Each side has a curved top arch which is both decorative and functional. The top cover has two tiers which allow air to flow freely through. Every side has a mesh door which can keep flying bugs out. When not in use, the mesh can be tied to the legs. All metal components are coated in a bronze finish which protects it from rusting. Making an outdoor space livable is possible through the use of a gazebo just like this. DC America makes gazebos of different sizes, both larger and smaller than the one presented here. If you want a portable shelter solution, a pop up gazebo might be a better choice.

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