Customizations That Can Be Done On Used Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf cars have been around since a long time, and many car enthusiasts have opened up the hood to understand what goes underneath. Volkswagen Group themselves have redesigned and reworked on the car many times over, and presently the Volkswagen Golf MK6 happens to be the latest. It is no surprise why the Volkswagen Golf is widely used as the base for the customized racing cars; simply because the car offers space for customization. There are a few things you need to know to know where to customize. So lets get started.

Customizing the Suspension System

If you happen to have used cars volkswagen golf, then you will have the stock suspension system, which isn’t good enough. Neuspeed makes products related to the suspension system. You have to decrease the ride height by reducing the height of the suspension system. You can get the lowering springs from company like Neuspeed and install it in the car along with the performance shocks. All these can be combined into a deadly combination using the coil-over suspension. Anti-roll bars are the ones which will prevent the car from leaning during the sharp turns, and it would be a great add-on.

Talking About The Engine

If you have a used volkswagen golf mk1 or such old one, it is a good idea to jump right in and remove the old engine to replace with the VR6 engine. But if you decide to keep the same engine, then you can in fact add additional exhaust, which will add the sound effect to the car. Replace the air filters from the old engine, and also take car to customize the intake and cams.

It is good idea to replace the stock tires with the better and wider ones, and thus you can probably get tires from companies like momo, BBS or such and install it in the place of the old ones. The usual diameter is around 18-19 inch.

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