Creating Affordable Violin Lessons

If you’re like quite a few violin instructors, you might have spent years developing both your playing skills and your violin instruction techniques, and undoubtedly have a few favorites that seem to work well with a wide variety of students.  But there are usually a few new tricks even the most experienced among us can learn, and the one we’ll examine today relates to how to leverage your expertise to help your students learn more quickly and get the most out of their lessons with you.

The biggest barrier to most students learning to play orchestral music in general, and the violin in particular, is cost.  “How much are violin lessons?” is the most frequent question instructors hear from prospective students.  With a few new techniques, you’ll be able to confidently say, “not as much as they used to!”

First, consider recording portions of your students’ lessons.  Have them play a passage they’ve been working on for a while, and record their efforts.  Then, immediately play the piece back for them to hear and evaluate.  You’ll be amazed at how much they pick up, and at how little you have to say.  They become very aware of the elements of their playing that need improvement.  This is the first way you can lower the effective cost of your lessons – your students will enjoy far greater improvement per dollar spent.

The second way to leverage your expertise and experience is to create a video of your instruction.  Pick a piece that you feel most helps your students to learn, have a friend record you playing, and then take a few minutes to edit the video.  You don’t have to be a Hollywood producer to make this work effectively.  In fact, you can use Image Line’s FL Studio 9 plugin called “Juice Pack” to create incredible violin sounds.  The user interface is extremely easy as well.

It’s a digital age, and while the secrets of the master violin players have been around for hundreds of years, you can leverage modern technology to help your students progress more quickly.

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