Create Positive Change In Life Using These 3 Things

Many people try and fail to change their life. I know because this was me many times. I would start some new business idea, go to college, start a job, and think, this is it, only to not be successful. I found the following 3 things helped me to change this around.

1. Keep focused on now
Right now is all that you have, however the constant chatter of thoughts you have try to tell you otherwise. You see they keep you focused on the past and think or worry about the future. While knowing the past and planning for the future are helpful, our minds can obsess and that is not healthy. Instead of spending your precious energy and time thinking about what can’t be changed or hasn’t come yet, spend it where it can benefit you… right now. Smell the roses, touch the texture of the paint, watch a sunrise, basically use your senses to their fullest on the here and now.

2. Exercise and food
Having all the money in the world is of no use if your body is unable to take you around the world to enjoy it. So eat a healthy mix of carbs, protein, and fats, with plenty of water, fruits and vegetables. To make sure your body lives and operates as best as it can take up a exercise program that includes cardio and weight lifting to reach your best results the quickest.

3. Change the subconscious beliefs
Our beliefs are created based upon what we experience in life, at least the subconscious ones. One good way to recognize these beliefs is by recognizing times when you say things like”

“Im a… Person”

“Life is…”

“I can’t do this because…”

“Making money is…”

Once you have recognized these beliefs its best to re-write them into a powerfully positive statement.

These are great ways to build self esteem too! Of course these words of inspiration are no good unless you do something with them. When are you starting?

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