Comprehensive Arizona Flea Control Includes Pet, Home And Minivan

When my company transferred me to Arizona, I was able to get a house is very inexpensively because it had been a foreclosure. The house had been sitting empty for almost four years and it needed some work. I thought that because it had been empty so long that it was unlikely that there would be any fleas. I thought that any fleas would’ve long ago starved to death with nothing to feed on. There were no fleas visible anywhere when we moved in. But within a week my cat was covered in more fleas that I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing I did made any difference.

I quickly realized that this was out of control and I started looking for an Arizona flea control company to help me get a handle on the situation. I’ve had pets all of my life and I’ve never seen a flea problem as bad as was in that house. The Arizona flea control company sent a technician out. He explained to me that fleas are able to remain dormant for up to five years. He said that because they had been without food for so long that they woke up really hungry. He had me take my cat and my family out of the house and he set off these big canister bomb things after he had sprayed the house. He told us not to go back in for eight hours and that we would still need to get our cat treated. We headed straight to the vet. The vet agreed that the infestation was very bad.

She started by giving our cat a pill that made her very uncomfortable. I guess it stirred up all the fleas on her but within a half an hour all of the fleas were dead. She then had her groomer give our cat a bath and get all of the eggs off of her. Then the vet sat down to explained to us how Arizona flea control needed to work with our cat. She said that because our cat wasn’t local that the fleas would be likely to be more attracted to her for the first several months. She put a topical substance on our cat and explained to us that we needed to make sure that every month another dose was put on our cat. The vet also sold us a product to treat our minivan. She said that if we didn’t treat the minivan we would simply end up with all of the fleas from the minivan back on the cat. She recommended that we leave our cat overnight to allow time to treat our minivan and get our house back in order.

When we left the vet’s, we decided to spend the next six hours at the movies. We drove to the movie theater and then we thoroughly treated our minivan for fleas. We left the van all closed up and went in and watched the first movie. When that movie was over we went back to the parking lot and opened up all the van windows so the van could air out while we watched the second movie. When the second movie was over, we went home and started airing out the house. The next day we went back to the vet to pick up our cat. When we left the vet’s office, we had a six-month supply of the recommended Arizona flea control product. Our vet had also told us that fleas often carry the larvae of tapeworms so we also have a full regiment of tapeworm medicine. We could tell our cat was feeling a lot better because she was calm and purring again. We haven’t seen a flea anywhere since that treatment was done.

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