Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor for You

When it comes to choosing a landscape contractor to complete your landscape design and installation, it is absolutely essential to do some research on local contractors to help you decipher which contractor is the best for you.

Hiring a landscape contractor will ensure that your project runs smoothly, that you stay within your budget, and that your landscape design will meet your expectations. A professionally done landscape design and installation can greatly increase the value of your home, often adding between 7 and 15 percent to the value.

Before hiring a contractor, it is important that you set specific boundaries on your budget, decide when you need the project completed by, and have a general idea about what kind of landscape design you want. When you design a landscape Dallas, remember to ask your contractor lots of questions – this way there will be no confusion on how the project will unfold and so that your expectations are met.

When you receive bids from several different contractors, you may notice that some bids are significantly lower than others. Although you may receive a lower bid from a quality company, more often than not, lower bidding companies are inexperienced or uninsured. To ensure that you get the best landscape design and installation possible, it is best to go with a company that has a good reputation – this may not always be the lowest bidder, but you will be thankful that you spent a little more with a quality company in the end. Make sure to look at a contractor’s photography portfolio of their work and look for customer references. It is perfectly acceptable to ask to speak with a former customer to better understand how a company cares for their customers.

When you receive a bid, also make sure that the bid includes warranty information on plants and that you understand each line of the bid. A contractor’s ability to communicate with you during the bidding process may be the best indicator for which contractor to go with and choosing the right contractor now will benefit you and your landscape in the future.

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