Choosing The Right Dog Kennel

If your dog is an outside dog or even spends a lot of time outside then it is important to consider an appropriate kennel. The type of kennel you decide upon will depend totally on the type of dog you have, the climate you live in, how much you want to spend and whether you want a kennel which is light enough to be moved.

The kennel shouldn’t be too big (unless you are starting with a puppy that will grow into it) as the bigger it is the colder it will be inside. The door should be high enough so that your dog can walk through easily and the roof not much higher than the door. If you live in a colder climate you can opt to hang a flap of some sort over the door to keep the warm air in. The bedding should be easy to wash and dry (or cheap to replace) and this should be done every time you flea the dog to ensure re-infection doesn’t occur. There are a wide variety of dog beds available at your local pet store or variety store but the cheapest and most convenient option is to buy old clothing or blankets from a thrift store which can be thrown out rather than washed. Hessian covered mattresses are easily available from most pet stores, cheap to replace and make a great base to put to the old clothing or blankets on.

If you are setting up a kennel for a puppy it often helps to place a hot water bottle, a soft toy such as an old teddy and a ticking clock with the puppy at night as the ticking clock sounds like their mother’s heart beat and the hot water bottle and the toy are comforting. A hot water bottle is also soothing to older dogs with arthritis during the colder months.

The kennel itself can be bought as a kit from a hardware store and made from iron or wood (wood is probably warmer inside) or you can buy ready made plastic kennels from pet stores. For the money conscious, there are always second hand kennels for sale or if you are adventurous you can find plans for kennels on the net and make your own. Which ever way you go, your furry friend will thank you for their nice, warm and comfortable home and a happy dog is less likely to be disruptive and disturb you and the neighbours with incessant barking!

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