Chair Floor Mats: Different Kinds of Office Mats to Choose From

If most of your day’s time is spent working behind your desk or right in front of your computer, then you have most probably experienced the dilemma of your office chair unexpectedly slipping under you every time you try getting into a comfortable seating position. If you have your office set up at home, you can also have that added problem of your office chair leaving grooves and scratches on the surface of your floor. Instead of worrying about your chair slipping and you winding up with your butt on the floor, or ruining your newly installed flooring, why not consider investing in an office chair mat? These mats will not only grant you comfort as you work or relax, but it will also give your floor protection. There are a lot of mats that you can choose from, with different colors, sizes, materials and designs that can surely meet your every wants and needs.

One very popular variant of these mats is the carpeted floor mat. It not only secures your chair in proper place, but it also gives you a soft and smooth surface for you to rest your weary feet. Carpeted mats come in a wide range of textures, colors and finishes which are sure to compliment or match your office’s interior. Another widely used variety of office chair mats these days is the hard surface mat. This kind of mat allows for fast and easy mobility while safeguarding your floor.

Wooden office chair mat is yet another good option that you can choose from. It comes in certain thicknesses and sizes and will ensure that your chair stays firmly in place. One drawback of wooden floor mats is that, over the course of time, it can scratch the floor beneath it with continuous wear and tear. There are also anti-static chair mats, which are very efficient mats, more particularly for people who work with computers along with other electronic equipment. These mats will help protect your body from the electrical surges and jolts which come from such equipments.

If you want your workspace to appear very up-to-date and stylish, there are plush designer floor mats which are sure to accommodate your sense of fashion and style. In fact, there are many designs that you can select from, including flamboyant sporting prints, and sizes and shapes. Designer chair mats are readily available in hard surfaced or carpeted variants, but still, there are many other versions for you to pick from. What is important is that, your designer chair mats match the interior design or décor of the area wherein you are to install it.

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