Celebrating Unity through a Sand Ceremony

The message of union and love in weddings is not lost on today’s couples.  That’s why a lot of couples still hold unity candle ceremonies within their weddings.  However, there are some couples who think that the traditional unity ceremony is already passé and conventional, which is why they are open to more exciting and unique alternatives to unity candle sets and  unity candles for weddings.  On the other hand, there are some couple who have been traumatized by witnessing unity candle ceremonies in other weddings that went wrong.  As much as they would like to have something meaningful in their own weddings, they do not want something messy or impractical.

Through the years, there have been a number of alternatives to the unity candle that have been successfully held.  While the choices have dramatically increased, the alternative that has been deemed closest to the candle ceremony in terms of symbolism and meaning is the wedding sand ceremony.  What used to be something that was just prescribed on TV shows as a nice option to the candle ceremony has since then become more renowned.

The sand ceremony works with the following equipment: three sand ceremony vases (one big and two of the same size) and sand of different colors to fill up the two small vases.   The two smaller sand-filled vases act the same way as the two taper candles, which represent the two wedding parties.  In the ceremony, the mothers of the bride and groom carry the vases in and place them on a small table to occupy each side of the larger sand ceremony vase which is already on the table.

The officiant starts off the ceremony with his words alluding to the union of the couple.  The couple then takes one vase each and pours their sand of different colors to the larger vase, with the mix-colored sand now on the larger vase symbolizing the unity of the couple. Background music may be played when the couple pours the sand.  Once they are done, the couple can return to their original positions for the rest of the ceremony.

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