Precision Pet Country Lodge Kennel Review

If you are looking for a wood outdoor dog kennel, the Precision Pet Country Lodge is worth considering. It is suitable for a larger size dog, the with the large kennel 32” x 40” x 34” and best of all it really is a very nice looking kennel.Although made from wood, it has been weatherproofed so that your dog will stay warm and dry even if it is raining outside. The roof is lined with a … [Read more...]

Why Dogs prefer Plastic Dog Kennels

Today’s market is filled with dog kennels, from tiny metal cages used for transporting Chihuahua puppies to enormous luxury accommodations which look more like  summer houses.  A dog kennel guide will help you to decide which type of kennel would be most suited to your pet but how can you be sure which one your dog would enjoy the most?  After all, he can’t actually say ‘that one … [Read more...]

Sign Up For Pet Medical Insurance

If you would like to show your pet that you care, then you should look into purchasing pet medical insurance. This allows your pet to be protected against anything that might go wrong, and they need medical assistance for. This is great if you own more than one pet, or you have one pet you think might need the extra assistance in case of emergencies. There are so many options to choose from when … [Read more...]

Portable Travel Bed House For Dogs

Many dogs feel more secure and comfortable if they have their own private domain to reside in. This could be a dog house, floor bed or even the laundry room. Many pet owners wonder how they can provide this sense of security to their dogs while away from the home, such as on a trip. The Portable Travel Bed House provides dogs with a comfortable place to sleep, whether it’s at the vet, motel or … [Read more...]

Moving On: Dealing with a Pet’s Death

Losing someone close to your heart is tragic. Pain can be immeasurable and grief is insurmountable. Death of someone like your pet that is highly valued oftentimes lead you to depression and moving on can be hard. But you shouldn’t be trapped by the thoughts “what if’s” and longing. Moving on is really hard but the sooner you accept your grief and deal with it; the sooner the wounds will … [Read more...]

Draft Horses – This Bud’s for You

Since the Bud beer commercials more of my non-horse friends know and love the draft horse.  I really hope people aren't looking at draft horses for sale just because they do cute things on the television.  Of course we do have the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" dogs barking everywhere we go now too.  People please listen; these animals need respect, they don't just kick footballs right out of the box.  … [Read more...]

Dog-Loving British Comedian

Buster and Olga need no introduction to fans of Paul O'Grady, the popular British comedian and star of TV, radio and stage.Buster is a grey Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise cross, Olga's a black Cairn terrier. They wear pretty dog collars and are canine stars of The (daily) Paul O'Grady Show on Channel Four in the UK.Paul is a great animal lover. He lives on a farm in Kent with 32 animals and his … [Read more...]

The Coolaroo Dog Bed Is Not Just For Summer

You may have heard about how great the Coolaroo dog bed is for keeping your favorite pooch cool in the hot, summer months. Have you heard how great it is for the winter? Since this particular dog bed is made to keep your pup approximately 8 inches off of the ground, it will certainly keep the chill away come wintertime. The thing to keep in mind when you have a dog who sleeps outside is that … [Read more...]

Cages for Your Dog

If you want to be able to keep your dog safe while driving them to the park or the vet, then you will want to get them a dog cage. Dog cages can come in handy not only for carrying your dog around without them running everywhere or accidentally jumping out of the car, but it could also be used as a doghouse. You can find different types of dog cages by going to your local pet store. There you will … [Read more...]

The Functional and Convenient Car Dog Ramp

A car dog ramp mainly aids your beloved pets to conveniently go in and out of the car with ease. It also serves as a sturdy platform to ensure your dog's safety. Car dog ramps are perfect traveling companions especially when you always bring your pets with you during road trips. Aside from that, it also helps you to conveniently tend to your dog's needs.Having a dependable car ramp for your … [Read more...]