The Dog to Beat

What separates Bernese mountain dogs from other dogs is that they are extremely loyal and house buddy.Bernese mountain dogs originate from the Swiss mountains. It comes from a family of Swiss mountain dog. In the early days, these dogs were trained to pull and drive carts full of foods to be delivered to the market. Since they are big and strong, they can easily do it. On the general these … [Read more...]

The Answer to the Question: What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you have ever waken up with dog hair on your pillow, or sat in a couch filled with cat hair, you have probably been searching for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair to put an end to your misery. This is a very important task for a homeowner. You must first ask yourself: what is the best vacuum for pet hair? Asking this question will ensure that you will purchase a quality vacuum that will help you … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best Cat Scratchers

Giving your cat something to scratch is essential, especially if your cat is an indoor pet. You should never think of declawing your pet, this will prevent him protecting himself, cause mobility and balance problems, and will generally make your cat feel vulnerable and insecure. Cat’s love to scratch, it’s an innate characteristic of their behavior. They scratch to leave their scent behind to … [Read more...]

Pet Urns: Haven of Lost Pet

Death is also celebrated from the summed sorrows of the families and this is presented in the burial traditions and memory keepsake rituals of the remaining families.  The loss of a pet is accepted in different ways, and so because of that, level of pet burials achieved diversity. Pet cremation is a fruit of this diversity and displayed interests to the pet owners in the society. In pet … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Dog Kennel

If your dog is an outside dog or even spends a lot of time outside then it is important to consider an appropriate kennel. The type of kennel you decide upon will depend totally on the type of dog you have, the climate you live in, how much you want to spend and whether you want a kennel which is light enough to be moved.The kennel shouldn’t be too big (unless you are starting with a puppy … [Read more...]

Different Ways to Deal with Cat Urine

One of the disadvantages of taking care of pets, especially cats, is that you have to put up with those excruciating problems that concern pet urine stains and their lingering odor, particularly on your carpet, rugs and other interior furnishings.  The moment pet cat urine soaks into the carpet underlay then you have to put up with the stain, you also have to deal with the horrible strong odor … [Read more...]

Pets’ Frontline Flea Treatment

It is easy for humans to defend themselves from fleas. We can simply purchase flea remedies and apply it to ourselves. However, it is a different scenario for animals. They cannot get rid of fleas by themselves.The fleas infest all kinds of animals. If you have a pet at home, check if they already have fleas on them. These pests are very difficult to eradicate because they keep multiplying. … [Read more...]

When Your Dog Suffers From Dog Food Allergies

If your dog has been experiencing intense, non-stop itching, recurrent ear infections, or digestive issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive gas, then they may be suffering from dog food allergies. Although none of these symptoms are necessarily life threatening, they do cause great discomfort and keep your dog's body stressed.There are two options at this point: switch to a … [Read more...]

Caring for Your Pet

Almost every pet owner has the desire to give the best for their pets. We can say that there are three types of owners; the first is the owner that looks at their pets as possession and like any other possession, maintenance is necessary, however kept in a minimal limit. The second is the owner who doesn’t care for their pet and looks after their pet as an animal, though these can be rare. If … [Read more...]

Training Your New Rottweiler Puppy!

If you are thinking of getting a Rottweiler puppy and you are a first time dog owner, you are probably concerned about the way to do proper Rottweiler training for your dog. Fortunately, there is not a whole lot of difference between the training methods used for each breed, so any general dog training guide should be able to help you. It’s most important that you establish early on (while … [Read more...]

Pet Records for Your Own Sake

Why should the pet need his own record? There would be no other reason aside from the fact that the pet also needs to get the due care it deserves, emotionally, physically and medically. Because of this statement, it goes without saying that any kind of pet must have its own printable pet records to keep track of the medical attention given to it.Your pet can get sick, sick that it needs to … [Read more...]

Pet Fountains Are A Healthy Choice For Our Pets

Everyone has learned they have to drink enough water. It is important to our general well being to keep suitably hydrated, right? So, what about our pets? Of course we offer them water, usually in the form of a bowl of stagnant water that they occasionally drink from. Wouldn't it be better if our animals are motivated to take in additional water? Let's accept it, most our pets live quite … [Read more...]