Comprehensive Arizona Flea Control Includes Pet, Home And Minivan

When my company transferred me to Arizona, I was able to get a house is very inexpensively because it had been a foreclosure. The house had been sitting empty for almost four years and it needed some work. I thought that because it had been empty so long that it was unlikely that there would be any fleas. I thought that any fleas would've long ago starved to death with nothing to feed on. There … [Read more...]

Bed Bug Mattress Covers Are Great For Prevention And Treatment Of Bed Bugs

The bed bug epidemic has many worried and looking for answers. While most who look for answers to the bed bug problem and treatment options, the need for public education and community wide prevention of bed bugs is necessary in order to stop the bed bug epidemic once and for all. One of the easiest ways to prevent bed bugs is to use bed bug mattress covers on all your mattresses. These … [Read more...]

End Your Flea Nightmares Today with Flea Bombs

Imagine this, at this very moment tiny parasites are attaching themselves to your bed, carpet, furniture and hatching eggs. Theses eggs will grow into blood sucking adult parasites who will feed on your blood, sometimes even dried blood. Sounds gruesome? Well, that's where that persistent itch you experience originates from- Fleas! Described above is their modus operandi. Now the big question is … [Read more...]