What is Lawn Dethatching?

A common problem for every individual who are maintaining lawns is the removal of the lawn thatch. Thatch is the wild interconnected growth that appears in the lawn in forms of clippings, roots, leaves, debris and stems between soil and grass growing upon it.Reasons for the development of such thatches in lawn are high level of acidic inclusion, high doses of insecticides or pesticides, less … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Algae Treatment Can Be Difficult

Pond algae is considered by many people to be a problem. This is because it can inhibit the beauty of any body of water by cluttering it up with debris and unwanted green color. People deal with algae in many different ways including removing it manually, using algaecide or calling in a professional to help remove it. While there are many ways to deal with algae, it is important to remember that … [Read more...]

Tips for Building Your Storage Shed

Any avid gardener needs a garden shed to house their many useful tools from the elements and enemies that assail any and all gardens. Many questions naturally arise before beginning such a building project: How big should it be? How can I make it last? Will the money used increase my property's value? This short essay will help you decide how to build the perfect shed for your needs.First, … [Read more...]

How To Get The Best Of Lawn Sweeper?

All year round there are some seasons when the problem of leaves that keep falling on the ground from all the trees can be a difficult one to handle. Occasionally the scenic beauty of it can be mesmerizing to many, there are other times when the leaves will be everywhere and completely cover all the gardens and grass areas. Yard's vitality and health is threatened by it. However all is not lost … [Read more...]

Party Lights for the Outdoors

There are a lot of times that people have had parties in the evening and when the dark sets in, the parties come to a sudden stop. There is a way to chase the dark instead of ending the party. There are party lights available in stylish designs that will ensure that the party goes deep into the night. The lights bring a party mood by illuminating the party area with colors that match the theme of … [Read more...]

Buying Outdoor Furniture Makes Sense

If you’re planning on remodeling your backyard to make your house more beautiful and inviting, don’t just think about the garden and the patio that you want to add to it. Think big. Think…. Outdoor furniture! What better way to enjoy all your hard work than to have a barbecue and eat it in the midst of your fine garden? If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade your … [Read more...]

Install A Pool Light To Enjoy Your Backyard At Night

If you feel that you are not getting the full benefit of your investment in a swimming pool, a pool light can help you to have many more usable hours for your pool. While many in ground pools come equipped with lights, you may want to make some upgrades that can help your to enjoy the pool even more. If you have an above ground pool, you will find several options that can light up the pool at … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Using Solar Lights

So you have decided to use solar lights in your garden right? It’s a great decision because there are so many advantages of using these lights. There are different kinds of lights available in various models and designs you can ever think of. You need to choose them according to your garden or outdoor theme. These lights are usually long lasting and never seem to wear out. Your only expense … [Read more...]

Floor Lighting for Your Deck or Patio

One of the most versatile, not to mention easiest to install, types of light fixtures that you can install for your deck or patio is floor lighting.  You don’t have to place these lights anywhere special or mount them on any poles or posts, so you can move them around as you need them.  The only limitation is if they are plugged in you’ll have to be careful with the cord, but with newer … [Read more...]

Facts About Lighted Garden Umbrellas

When space is limited in a backyard or garden, one must look for maximize the functionality of the furniture and decor they currently have. Products that can serve more than one purpose are extremely helpful in maximizing space in a small area. For example, a simple patio umbrella can be so much more than an outdoor shade. While umbrellas make for excellent shades, they can become near useless in … [Read more...]