Does One Need a Lot of Equipment to Make Beats at Home?

Do you know that in this day and age of technology one does not need to have a lot of equipment to make fabulous music at home? Are you like most people who have this inner desire that wants to break out of you? Perhaps you have thoughts of trying to try your luck in the music industry. Maybe you want to try your hand at making beats at home. If you are any one of the above, you’re in luck. … [Read more...]

Stereo Speaker Repair Kits

Ouch! A blown loudspeaker driver doesn’t necessary make an audible noise but you can immediately tell when something doesn’t work the way it should. For some older yet expensive loudspeakers from the 70’s or 80’s this doesn’t mean immediate death. You can still contact the manufacturer if he is still in business and ask for a solution to fix your problem. Maybe even a drop-in driver is … [Read more...]

Should You Teach Yourself Piano?

People who have wanted to learn to play the piano have traditionally taken lessons with a private teacher. However, there are also many self-taught pianists, and today teaching yourself to play is easier than ever, thanks to modern technology which has given us interactive piano software, video lessons and online courses – all of which offer great alternatives to traditional tutor books. But is … [Read more...]

Creating Affordable Violin Lessons

If you’re like quite a few violin instructors, you might have spent years developing both your playing skills and your violin instruction techniques, and undoubtedly have a few favorites that seem to work well with a wide variety of students.  But there are usually a few new tricks even the most experienced among us can learn, and the one we’ll examine today relates to how to leverage your … [Read more...]

Drummers: How The Pearl Eliminator and the Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal Can Improve Your Bass Drum Technique

Many drummers do not realize how critical it can be to have a good functioning bass drum pedal as part of your bass drum and drumming arsenal. Settling for a drum pedal which is old and rusty can only do you for so long, because as your drumming skills improve, you will to have equipment which can keep up with your speed and reflect your skill on the drum kit.Out of all the drum pedals that I … [Read more...]

Soft Guitar Cases For Acoustic Guitars

When the time comes for you to look for a new soft guitar case there are hundreds of different ones that you can choose for the acoustic guitar you will be putting in it. If you have never needed to buy a guitar case before then you will want to be sure to find out what to expect when you buy one. These are nothing like the hard cases that you can get, but there are many advantages that you can … [Read more...]

The Music Stand: Not As Simple As It Looks

When seeking to buy a music stand, the variety of available options can make decision making difficult. The fact is that music stands come in numerous sizes, finishes and styles. Some are small and can be attached to an instrument such as an old antique violin, a trumpet and a clarinet. Such small, attachable stands are referred to as music holders and are commonly used by musicians who play in … [Read more...]