Garden Lighting: Do’s and Don’ts

Garden lighting is essential to prevent injury and enhance a garden’s natural beauty during the evening hours. The best gardeners can be unqualified to handle garden lighting if they’ve never dealt with it before and have no idea where to start so it’s important to either phone a friend who knows what they’re doing or hire an electrician. Electricity and gardens can be a deadly mix in the … [Read more...]

Grow A Garden Indoors Quickly And Easily

If you enjoy eating the fruits and vegetables of your labor, but reject planting a garden outside because of the tedious tasks of watering and weeding in unfavorable hot and sunny conditions, you may consider a new hobby, indoor vegetable gardening.With an indoor vegetable garden, you can grow delicious vegetables, fruits, and enticing herbs in your home all year round. Moreover, you do not … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why LED Grow Lights Are Gaining In Popularity

In recent years Light Emitting Diode (LED) Grow Lights have undergone some significant advances in technology offering more choices for indoor gardeners. Some growers now consider LED grow lights for sale to offer significant advantages over the more commonly used Higher Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights and in this article we consider why this is the case.With a lifespan averaging … [Read more...]

Solar Garden Lights Pros and Cons

Choosing the right garden lights is not easy since you have a very wide selection to choose from. With the different designs, functions, efficiency and cost of garden lights you will end up confused as to which one will suit your need. To help you ease the burden, let me narrow down your choices to two categories of outdoor lights: electric and solar lights.Solar lights are said to be the best … [Read more...]

Reduce Kitchen Waste By Composting

Why Compost?Composting is a way to reuse your organic waste and also reduce the amount you send to the landfill. Another great benefit is that you can use this material to fertilize and amend your garden soils with a nutrient rich material.How does Composting Work?Composting is done by mixing a variety of organic materials. A good mix includes the right amount of green and brown … [Read more...]

Garden design considering future planning

When a new home is built it is important to consider the garden and its environs as extensions of the home. It is best to try and knit the fabric of the home to the type of brick, stone, gravel, wood or other material that you want to use when building or planning your garden. In my opinion a wooden home should have many wooden items in the garden to compliment the structure. For example: wooden … [Read more...]

DC America 10×12 Gazebo

The sun can make a backyard or patio space exceedingly uncomfortable, preventing people from making good use of their yard. While many individuals have a patio awning outside of their back door, most other areas of the yard such as the garden or pool can severely lack in protection. Setting up a gazebo in those areas can dramatically increase the comfort and usability of your outdoor space.  … [Read more...]

Corn Crops

Weeds in gardens or farm crops are inevitable.  And their impact on the output of a crop can be devastating if not properly cared for.  Corn is a crop that relies heavily on water.  And weeds deplete the water supply and soak up nutrients that were intended for the health of your crop.  Here are some tips on how to clean, cultivate, protect and prevent your crops and killing weeds that might … [Read more...]