Video Game Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever's single player decent, its multiplayer is filled with bugs and crashes. Its multiplayer options may need Duke Nukem Forever's saving grace. The perfect thought right here is Duke's digs, an house where you should purchase and admire varied pieces of furnishings and other objects. The more you play online and gain experience, the extra goodies you get, together with new shirts … [Read more...]

Benefits of Having Accessories For 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo’s newly released portable gaming console. It is a gaming device that allows you to play your favorite video games at a different point of view. You get to play and see effects popping out of the screen. Yes, this gaming console allows you to play your games in 3D without the need to wear any 3D glasses. This is a great innovation that definitely is raising the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Games of the new Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo Company would soon release their newest contribution to the gaming world and that is the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS is the upgrade of the highly successful Nintendo DS lite. It has a 3D screen that projects 3D images to you without wearing special glasses. Experts say that it will revolutionize portable gaming due to the 3D visuals you would receive when playing. Another aspect … [Read more...]

PS3 Move Bundle And Other Brands

It is indeed exciting to see the rivalry among Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and many other producers. You will see that from time to time, they come up with new and exciting ideas so that their items will sell to the people. In a way, this is exciting since these innovations are utilized by the masses. However, the down side here is that changes seem so fast. Thus, before you get the hang of a … [Read more...]

What You Shouldn’t Miss This Year? Kinect Motion Sports

Kinect Motion Sports is apparently the important test to the newest motion technology created by Microsoft. No doubt that sports games could be the great pair for the technology of Xbox Kinect games, obviously because there is a wide range of body movements required for such activities.When compared to the various earlier types of gaming systems, Kinect Motion Sports is outstanding in that it … [Read more...]

Best Motivator for your Child

Ever wondering how to make active and busy tots behave especially when you go to malls and supermarkets or wait in line for your dentist? On one hand, do you have dilemma on how to inspire your boy to keep going and be active instead of being a couch potato? Having a very energetic kid who is not the least to behave and having a very sedentary and lazy kid also pose as a concern to parents as … [Read more...]

Fighters Uncaged – Time to Kinect Your Punches

One of the newest games for Xbox 360 is Fighters Uncaged, which is one of the Kinect games. It is designed to use the Kinect to let players to participate in a battle by physically throwing punches and kicks. The Kinect will identify the body movement of the player and then interpret them into real fighting moves in the Kinect. The on-screen avatars, or fighters, react in very good 1:1 motion … [Read more...]

What will the Playstation 4 be Like?

While the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 are all enjoying their own successes during this generation of video gaming consoles, use game freaks are always looking ahead to the next version of consoles and wondering what they will be like.3 Dimensions of Gaming?Will PS4 games be in 3D?  As 3D movies are becoming more and more popular, televisions will be made to support … [Read more...]

The Lego Ultimate Building Set, Great Starter Set

This Lego Ultimate Building Set 405 pieces is the best-selling Lego starter set, and is suitable for children above the age of four years. It would make an excellent present, at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.It will occupy your children for absolutely hours and hours, as there are so many toys that can be made from all the 405 pieces of Lego.There is a lovely house to … [Read more...]

Extra Lives in Mario Games

One thing that most Super Mario games have in common is that there tend to be fairly easy ways to get lots of extra lives.  Often, you can simply do the same thing over and over to build up a huge reservoir of lives, which frees you from having to worry about it for the rest of the game. So how do you go about finding these opportunities (other than the obvious, looking it up on … [Read more...]

Scenario Paintball Can Be More Exciting

Most people get tired of playing at the same paint ball field, because they offer the same old games and scenarios. It seems that all the fields are the same and that they do not offer their players a variety in their games. It is always the typical game of capture the flag. You might want to look for another field or for another location to play. A field that is ran by a different company or that … [Read more...]

Searching for the Best Japanese Airfix Soldiers

When we think of toy soldiers and army men, most of us would usually want to have the American or the British soldiers. These infantry battalions are always looked up to by many as the heroes of most historic wars. However there are also toy soldiers that model the Japanese army. We know that the Japanese soldiers are seen by a lot of people as the ones that triggered the World War II to take … [Read more...]