Introducing Sonic Toys to your Children

Sonic is an all-time favorite game. At one time, kids could sit around their game station and play Sonic all day, but now there are the Hedgehog toys, plush figures, character dolls, DVDs, and other sonic toys that children can enjoy.Some of the popular toys include the Sonic the Hedgehog, which comprises of the 3.5-inch character doll – the silver series. Other toys include Shadow, Knuckles … [Read more...]

Army Toys – Weapons Of Choice?

It was meant to be a six year old boy’s quiet birthday party at the beach, but before you knew it, driftwood became guns, shells became, well, ‘ammo’ shells, boys built ‘cannonball’ piles from stones (thankfully not firing any) and hid behind them in an act of stealth to avoid the onslaught from the driftwood  army.  Without the aid of an expensive trip to the toy store, nature had … [Read more...]

Bob The Builder Toys Will Make Your Child Smile

If you have a three year old boy, most likely you have heard the theme song of Bob the Builder playing around your home. His slogan of  “Can we fix it - yes we can!” is popular every day on Nickelodeon Jr. or public television where the cartoon teaches qualities of follow through and problem solving. So if you are in need of a little gift or have a birthday party to plan for, check into Bob … [Read more...]

A Few Good Ways to Get IHoP Coupons

If you are living in the United States or the few select cities in Mexico or Canada you might have noticed this breakfast franchise chain, IHOP. They are catering for people who like to have a tasty and cheap breakfast without having to bother with it themselves.There are almost 1400 restaurants connected to this chain and despite the secondary name, International House of Pancakes, the vast … [Read more...]

Best Gucci Mane Songs Of All Time

There are a lot of major hit songs by the artist Gucci Mane. Back when he was first emerging as an artist, most people thought that the songs “Black Tee” and “So Icey” featuring Young Jeezy were his best two songs. Both of those songs went on to become top ten radio hits on hip hop stations across the south. What’s very interesting about his releases at the time (back in 2004) was that … [Read more...]

Made in China Cheap Toys

Do you know that China is currently one of the up and coming new countries of the new Century? Not only has its growth been phenomenal but it is such a large country that the things that it is producing in large quantities are also consumed by their great number of masses! Nevertheless, one of the main consumer products that are produced by China is toys. These days you can see many tags on … [Read more...]

The Best Ben 10 Alien Force Figures

The Ben 10 Alien Force figures are a key constituent of this hugely popular boy’s toys range. The 10cm and 15cm figures won ‘Toy Of The Year’ in 2009 but do you know the differences between them? All of the popular aliens such as Spidermonkey, Swampfire and Big Chill are available in the 10cm variety. They are fully poseable, nicely coloured and detailed and come with a small translucent … [Read more...]

Loving My Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS

Don't laugh, I think I'm in love with my Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS unit. Is there nothing this little gps gadget can't do?I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS receiver as a navigational system in the city, but soon found out that I could also use it for running, biking, hiking, camping, and best of all I could use it as the main piece of equipment in my brand new hobby, geocaching. I'm just … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Kids Involved With Cars

There are many reasons why parents want to find ways for their children to participate in a car race.  Maybe your child loves cars.  Or perhaps you just want to teach them about friendly competition.  Well, no matter what your reasons there are plenty of opportunities to get your child involved in cars from toddlers to teens. Race car tracks.  This is something you can do with your child.  … [Read more...]

The Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

photo credit: jelene The best type of Halloween costumes for kids are one that can stand up to constant wear for at least one day and probably two.  Costumes made of flimsy plastic will not last through the trick or treating, let alone for the party later.  Also bear in mind that a thick furry costume may be too hot and uncomfortable to be worn for any length of time.  Avoid dressing your … [Read more...]

Using Koozies to Protect Your Fingers

Koozies are little foam materials that can fit around any can or beer bottle. They are used to help keep your fingers from being too hot or cold from the contents of the can or bottle or even cup. You can find these in all different sorts of designs and colors. You can quickly check to see what types of koozies are available be searching for them online. You can even get them customized for you as … [Read more...]

Make your own treats with a cotton candy machine

Think you have everything for your family and those fun nights sitting out by a fire or watching a movie? Have you ever thought of cotton candy as a fun treat at a family cookout or a birthday party? It is entirely possible with the purchase of a cotton candy machine that can fit on the countertop or the picnic table. Not only does cotton candy bring back memories of the old fairs and carnivals … [Read more...]