Can You Hide My IP?

Seriously, there are so many horrible dishonest crooks out there–loads of hackers and those others who will try to take advantage of the weak among us. These people will use anything it takes, including advance spy-ware trying to hone in on your secure and sensitive information; trying to listen in on your daily chats. I almost never feel secure on a public wi-fi network particularly while sitting in a coffee shop or else at the airport gate waiting to board a plane or even staying overnight in a hotel. Hackers have gotten despicably better at tapping in on your scene.

I hate feeling so vulnerable and honestly, feeling vulnerable is how I’ve felt ever since October when I found my debit card information was hacked and some terrible cretin spent about $700 of my hard-earned cash until I finally busted his game and reported the fraudulent activity to my bank. I now hardly ever use a debit card to make any internet purchases and also I scour my bank account report every day for anything that might look suspicious. Do I need to hide my ip? Sadly, it might get to that point.

I’ve already learned a few tricks besides keeping close tabs on my checking account and one of those things is to log off of my account as soon as I can. I never leave it open for more than a few minutes at a time and like most banks do I’m sure, they log me out as soon as my page sits open for more than two minutes. But to hide my ip, seems a bit over the top perhaps. Perhaps not. I don’t do a lot of internet chatting. I don’t do a lot of banking online. But with internet fishing on the rise, I may get to that point.

There are a lot of ways that a person has to protect themselves now which are just as important as all those ways our mother taught us when we were young. Hide my ip is just as important perhaps as is the old advice, lock all your car doors whenever you drive alone. Strange, a recurring dream I have–and this will show approximately how slightly paranoid I can be—is the one in which my car doors are unlocked and someone is coming toward it but I can’t get to the button in time. I get the panicky feeling of not getting enough traction to get to my locks before someone invades me.

This is a similar feeling to the one I had when I discovered that my bank account had dwindled because of some despicable person. I would love to roam freely–without fear of being watched. And that sounds really nice but almost unreal. Even on social networks, I see the right side of the screen advertise those items I was searching for just ten minutes prior and that alarms me to no end.

There are other things my mother warned me about and that’s not talking to strangers. The very few times I’ve opened a chat line to talk to one of my contacts, it seems that I get intercepted by some person who barely speaks my language but who, for some reason is trying to have a conversation with me. My response is always, ‘What the?! Who are you?! I didn’t sign up for this!!” Of course if I choose to hide my ip, then none of this would happen because I could surf the web as it was meant to be surfed. Anonymously. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. There are thieves and scoundrels among us. It’s a beautiful and yet a terrible world.

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