Can Melissa and Doug Toys help Cognitive Development?

Blocks are considered as traditional toys for young kids and even if that is the case, a lot of toy manufacturing companies are still making toy blocks in various colors and designs to attract parents to buy. Blocks offer a lot of advantages when played by kids. The Melissa & Doug toy companies have their own blocks collection for kids 5 years old and below. They made for small hands using light materials that can be easily grasped by kids. Solid wood blocks made by Melissa & Dough don’t have corners that may harm little kids that are why it is sought after by most moms. Some popular items are the Melissa and doug see and spell and also the wooden shape sorting clocks.

Kids 15 months and younger can be given this type of blocks because it is non-toxic and it contains smoother surfaces. There are other types of toys that are meant for older kids, there are kitchen sets, painting sets and many others for them to enjoy. toy blocks helps small kids to learn how to determine shapes, animals, colors, and other things that they cannot learn from other types of toys in the market today. You don’t have to buy expensive brand of toys because the Melissa & Dough is very cheap and there are lots of discount offers being given to those who are interested to buy.

You will surely be amazed with the fast development and learning of your child through introducing toy blocks. It will help kids touch and hold shapes without having a hard time. Their balance will also improve and they can also share and mingle with other kids if you will allow them to play with others. It will also help in improving their hand and eye coordination along with cognitive learning too. Things will learn how to composed things just through their imagination and sequencing along with comparisons will also be learned.

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