Buying Scuba Diving Gear That Are On a More Professional Level

Over time, as you get more and more immersed in the sport of underwater diving, you will naturally be buying scuba diving gear that are approaching the professional level. Your basic diving gear will have to give way to more advanced equipment as you become more skillful and adept in the sport.

An improved full-faced mask with a clear glass plate will enable you to see underwater. The mask covers most of the face, helps in breathing and prevents a condition called a squeeze, the tremendous pressure felt by divers as they reach greater depths.

There are various diving masks for various purposes. The full-faced mask allows you to talk with your diving companions above the water. Diving helmets can cover all of the diver’s head. Prescription masks can be used by divers who need to wear their prescription glasses.

Fins or flippers are very essential swimming equipment for scuba divers who want to travel faster underwater while using minimal leg effort. However, you need to be sure that your diving fins are of the right size for your feet. They must not be too tight or too loose as ill-fitting flippers can be a liability, and can prove to be dangerous as well.

Your list of dive gear to purchase shouldn’t be without a wet suit. A wet suit provides your body with the right amount of insulation and can prevent hypothermia when you are diving in deep and cold waters.

The most important equipment to buy, however, is a scuba and regulator set. Scuba, also known as aqualung, is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. They come as open-circuit or closed-circuit models.

Open-circuit scuba sets are generally preferred by divers as they contain 21% pure oxygen. If you need to be underwater for a longer period, closed-circuit scuba sets come with re-breathers that can reprocess air, making it more economical to use during diving emergencies.

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