Best Food Preservation Techniques

Whether you have a commercially-inspired glass door refrigerator or a well-designed bottom freezer for a household fridge, sometimes good techniques in food preservation is not only dependent on the quality of the fridge. Oftentimes, it is how you store and approach food preservation that’s relatively more important, with a good quality fridge aiding you to become more efficient in storing your food.

Here are some of the best food preservation techniques that you have to be familiar of. Even if you don’t have an outstanding model for a fridge, for as long as you know the basic and the most practical way of preserving food, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t succeed in your goal to properly store and preserve your food.

  • ¬†Ensure correct temperature. The temperature of the refrigerator must not be too cold for the food to develop ice crystals nor should it be less cold that microbes and bacteria might breed. Freshness can be ensured if proper temperature is secured. Although consistent temperature is highly recommended, you should know that you also have to adjust the temperature depending on the season or the amount on the refrigerator.
  • Cover food. As much as possible cover your food when you store them inside the fridges. Put them inside sealed containers so that the bacteria won’t breed on them. Tight storage containers are highly recommended because it can minimize odor transfer and it can retain the natural moisture of the food.
  • ¬†Place food properly. Proper food placement is important in refrigerators. Of course, raw meat, poultry and other meat products should be placed in low temperature compartments like freezers. Some refrigerators have temperature-controlled crispers where you can place fruits and vegetables to retain their freshness.
  • Don’t overcrowd your fridge. When you put too much in your refrigerator, you are risking the cooling air flow that keeps the food inside well stored and refrigerated. Adjust the temperature if you have too many items to store.
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