Bed Bug Mattress Covers Are Great For Prevention And Treatment Of Bed Bugs

The bed bug epidemic has many worried and looking for answers. While most who look for answers to the bed bug problem and treatment options, the need for public education and community wide prevention of bed bugs is necessary in order to stop the bed bug epidemic once and for all. One of the easiest ways to prevent bed bugs is to use bed bug mattress covers on all your mattresses. These specialized mattress encasements are very effective at preventing bed bugs from entering your mattress, as the enclosure of the mattress is complete. The zipper has teeth that tightly close, keeping bed bugs from entering in between the teeth. In addition, since bed bugs can crawl through small spaces, the top of the zipper closes and seals, making it so that there is not space at the top of the zipper, making bed bug mattress covers a great prevention measure in fighting bed bugs.

Bed bug mattress covers should also be used in the event of a bed bug outbreak. Before sealing your mattress in a bed bug mattress cover, there are a few steps that you can take to assist in your bed bud treatment. First, thoroughly vacuum the mattress with a hand attachment. Next, use a bed bug spray to treat the mattress. Make sure that you concentrate on the seams, where bud bugs like to hide and lay their eggs. When using these pesticide products, open windows for ventilation.

Finally, you can also use a steamer to treat the mattress before enclosing in the bed bug mattress cover. Steam will kill bed bugs within seconds of contact. When using bed bug mattress covers during an infestation, the goal is to seal the mattress, keeping the current residents of the mattress sealed inside the mattress to starve, since their food supply has been cut off. The other goal for the use of a mattress encasement is to prevent bud bugs from entering the mattress. Having bed bugs is a huge challenge and can cause great psychological distress. Some people choose to immediately discard their mattresses that are infested with bed bugs, as the ideas of sleeping on a mattress containing bugs is more than they can handle.

Some professionals recommend keeping the mattress and clearing the infestation fully before spending the money on a new mattress. A mattress enclosure can seal the bugs in and out, and give peace of mind to the sleeper. When the infestation is completely gone, then the mattress can be replaced. When discarding mattresses, box springs or other items from a home with bed bugs, it is critical to seal the item and mark it as containing bed bugs. Many cases of bed bugs come from second hand items, whether “rescued” from the curb or from garage sales, craigslist, etc. Sometimes you are getting a lot more than you bargained for when getting a good deal or free item.

Items that are to be discarded coming from a bed bug infested home should not only be sealed, but they should be marked as well. There are special disposal bags for items coming from a home with a bed bug infestation. If these are not readily available in your community, you can slash or otherwise destroy the item, making it unappealing to dumpster divers. Marking the disposal bag as containing a bed bug infested item should discourage anyone from taking the item into their home. It is important to send a mattress enclosure to school with they go to college. College students should be aware of the problem of bed bugs and the dangers of dumpster diving for a “really great chair” to prevent bed bugs.

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