Bathroom Plumbing Standards

Plumbing standards have been set to keep sanitation within the community. Proper waste disposal and drainage are necessary to avoid disease and pollution. It is also needed to maintain safety and health among the members of a specific area. Faulty plumbing can cause back siphoning, electrical shorts, burst pipes, gas backups, or floods. Plumbing codes and permits are needed to make sure these incidents are avoided.

There are a number of different plumbing codes to be followed. Regulations in terms of methods, materials, and designs differ from state, municipality, and county. However, there are certain criteria being enforced that are are common to most areas. These include:

1. The size of vent pipes, supply lines, and drain.
2. The materials used.
3. The distance between the trap to vent arm.
4. The slope and height of the drain.
5. The type and number of fixtures used in a drain pipe or vent.
6. The height of the horizontal section used above the floor.
7. The distance between the supporting pipes.
8. The placement of the cleanouts.
9. The use of certain sanitary wares,degree bends, fittings, and so on.

One can easily contact the local county inspector and ask for a copy of the permits and codes that are required. Most of these codes change with time. This is true, especially for the materials used in the construction.

You should also understand that there are differences between residential and commercial plumbing needs. Commercial plumbing is much more complicated than residential. In fact, it varies so widely that even the materials used to construct or renovate the plumbing are different.

Either way, you have to contact a professional plumber in the event that you need to fix it. There are certain residential plumbing problems that can easily be fixed. However, it is better to get a professional to check every once in a while. This way you can avoid greater problems in the future.

Residential and commercial plumbing should both be taken seriously since they can create a lot of damage to the community, in the event that it fails to function properly. Most diseases come from the toilet. Plumbing is a means of disposing these harmful waste products. It is only right for homeowners and corporations to make sure the plumbing is taken care of.

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