Auto insurance discounters

If you’re like most motorists, the idea of shopping for car insurance is somewhat akin to the idea of having dental work done.  You know it’s probably in your best interest to do it, but the process can be a bit painful.

Researching motor car insurance discounts doesn’t top anyone’s list of fun things to do with an afternoon, or even an hour.  Navigating the mess of online offerings, car insurance company websites, and spammy pop-up advertisements isn’t terribly appealing.  So to shorten your search time for a reasonable motor car insurance policy, start with a couple of key points.

First, insure all of your vehicles with the same provider.  If you’re happy with your current car insurance company, and are adding a newly purchased vehicle to your stable of rides, it should be a no-brainer.  Just add the new car to your portfolio.  Multi car insurance discounts usually run in the neighborhood of 20% or so, which is a nifty little savings.

If you’re a student, get good grades.  This will help you save up to 15% on your motor car insurance, depending on your car insurance company.  Usually, scoring in the upper quartile will reap those savings.  When you’re honest, you’ll probably admit that it really isn’t that difficult to get upper-quartile marks.

If you’re absolutely loathe of the idea of shopping for car insurance whatsoever, you can have auto insurance discounters do the work for you.  You’ll need to specify your driver information as well as the vehicle make, model, year, safety equipment information, purchase price, and your driving habits, and they’ll do the rest for you.  They’ll assemble a list of reasonable quotes that match all of your coverage criteria, and even provide you with options to improve your coverage position for very little extra money.  It’s an easy way to tackle the motor car insurance shopping dilemma.

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