Announcing a Newborn Baby Boy

When such auspicious moments approach the best part is to share it with your extended family and friends. Announcing a newborn baby boy is one of those auspicious moments that you would like to announce like a surprise or a memorable moment and cherish it in your memories.

Some ways of announcements are rather common then others and innovative ideas of announcing are appreciated. Here are a few very nice ways to announce a new member of your family.


This is an unusual idea for announcing the welcome of your new family member. Since the use of internet has increased in people’s lives you can create a baby website, upload photos and journals for specific people to see. There are a number of websites that allow you to create blogs like these, for example,

You can then distribute the password to the website to only those who you wish to see this blog and comment on it if they like. This is one of the favorite ways to announce a newborn baby boy.

Photo Sculptures

Sending people a three dimensional souvenir that bears the babies photo is also an excellent way to announce a newborn baby boy in your family. You can create key-chains, pins and other cute things with your child’s photograph and send them to people.

M&Ms Announcement

This is one of the most creative way to announce the arrival of a baby. All you have to do is go to and order M&Ms with a particular message or photo of your child. you can even choose a custom color for the candy and send these to all your family friends and relatives.

You can also get personalized stickers made and attach them to any candy that you are going to send.

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