Adding Luxury With A Walk In Or Outdoor Shower

Walk in ShowerThe bathroom is certainly somewhere we go every day. Seeing that none of us can escape the place, there’s no reason we can’t make it  pleasing to look at. Certainly any time it comes to a long soak in a hot bath tub or a steamy shower, beautiful surroundings trump blah any day. Yet, not very many of us have a dream bathroom. That’s not to say we can’t, it just means that a bathroom remodel is in order.

When thinking about bath renovations, do you imagine several long weeks of construction, or do you imagine all the amazing improvements in your dream bathroom? Or, maybe a little of both? Though, before you can will get underway on a renovation, you will want to consider what you want, and what you absolutely need, in your finished, renovated bathroom.

Most bathrooms feature a tub and shower combination. This is pretty sensible, and also space-saving, especially in a small bath. Yet still, it’s not anything special. On the other hand, what is much more appealing, not to mention luxurious, is to have a separate shower in the bathroom.

Installing a separate shower will split it apart from the tub, as well as give you a chance for even more luxury upgrades. You could add a beautiful teak bench, or even a steam shower device. Large walk in shower enclosures can easily include a number of showerheads, and even an overhead rain showerhead; these configurations provide a wonderful massage feature that most people only dream of having. So, if you have a large bathroom, certainly give thought to adding this upgrade.

Another amazing bathroom remodel would be to put in an outside shower. While this is an option that won’t work for many, in the right circumstances you can certainly make your bathroom uber luxurious and very unique.

When you look for information on outdoor shower enclosures, you’ll find three main types. The first type provides a spot to rinse off after swimming, or for cleaning your feet of sand after walking on the beach. The second type refers to handheld camp showers – usually a large bag that heats the water by hanging in the sun.

Although these are by far the two most common types of outdoor shower, there is one that blows all the others away, and makes bathrooms awesome. This type is an all-inclusive shower that you would use just like a usual shower; however, unlike your usual shower, it’s built either partially outside, or built in a way to look like it’s outside. If you have the land and enough privacy, you can build your shower literally outdoors, with or without privacy walls. Alternatively, you can build your shower with a wall that is really a floor to ceiling window. This provides the feeling of being outside, without the expense and hassle of actually building outside.

Working up a plan for a bathroom remodel involves a lot of work. There are many budget concerns; which pieces are do-it-yourself, and which pieces need a professional; as well as all the little detail finishes: accessories, tile, paint, etc. But, if you work up your plan one step at a time, and choose carefully from among the hundreds of options, you can be excited about your plan, rather that feeling completely overwhelmed.

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