A New Novel by Linda Wells

Every once in a while a new novel comes along to tickle the fancy of fans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. A new novel by Linda Wells, entitled in Imperative, is due out later this year to the delight of her many fans. Wells is a much loved author who has recently published four other novels, and all of which are good reads.

Amongst her four previously published novels Wells’ Chance EncountersFate and Consequences, Memory, and The Perfect Fit, she has crafted some excellent Jane Austen sequels which seek to answer questions about the inner struggles of both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.

Her characterizations strongly follow Austen’s originals, although she explore the angst-filled inner turmoil they face as they struggle to put class divisions, disapprobation from family and friends, and their own apprehensions aside in order to find love and fulfillment with each other.

In Imperative, Georgiana Darcy has eloped with Lt. Wickham, thought herself to be married, and later been recovered by her brother and returned her family when she is with child. Darcy struggles with his responsibility to saving their family legacy, his sister’s reputation, and allowing both his sister and himself the option to find a partner in life they can both respect and trust. Under pressure from his family, he denounces their offers of help and takes a brave path to finding his own way in life. He makes the decision to find a bride imminently and later pass off Georgiana’s child as his own in an attempt to save her reputation. However, he does not bargain for some of the twists and turns that fate has in store for him.

I have had the honor of reading the first portions of this novel is a work in progress, and Imperative appears to be Wells most engaging novel to date. Her style has developed greatly as an author through her last few works, and she is now one of the foremost authors in the genre. Don’t miss Imperative; it will no doubt be one of the best Jane Austen sequels in print today. Who could ask for more than an angst-filled, passionate, and loyal Darcy and Elizabeth, whose love triumphs in spite of the odds?

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