A Miniature Digital Camera

It’s not easy to please your subjects or viewers with your shots. What is beautiful for you may not be beautiful for them. They think their chin looks too uptight or their lips pout a bit much. This can be very frustrating especially to aspiring photographers.

What is important in photography is that you have to know your interest. Your interest will give off passion to your work. As what was said in the movie 3 Idiots by Rancho, “Make your passion your profession”. But how can that be if you only have your miniature digital camera? That’s not a very big problem. I have the basic 5 camera and photography tips for beginners.

1) Photography is an art so be creative. Show off what you’ve got. Million of photographers are out publishing their works online or even out in the media. Everyday, a new innovation arrives and a new type of art is being introduced to entertain the public. The only way a beginner can match up with these outbreaks is by his or her own creativity because it’s the only thing incomparable to every talent.
2) Widen your horizons. You always see what you want to see but in photography it’s a very wide and universal canvass. A lot of stories can be told in just one single photo. So be experimental. Take photos you’ve never imagined yourself to be taking before. Why not start making a nude photo of a pregnant woman look wholesome? Now this is very interesting.
3) Learn from feedbacks. Be a sport and make those criticisms a constructive one. Learn from your mistakes.
4) Get the most out of the sun. There’s nothing more beautiful that getting a shot outdoor than indoors. The sun can be your best friend to emphasize the beautiful features of your subjects.
5) Always give yourself some room for improvement. This is always the key to be the best that you can be.

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